Magnificent 7 Variety Show

Theater: Hamner Theater

Date Reviewed: 04-17-2017

This show has a lot to offer with interesting costumes and a trip through the decades from 1940's to present time. It is a family oriented show featuring the Tinoco family plus two talented men and two very talented women to make 7.

Tamra is a wonderful vocalist and dancer, as is Joe..Talya is an amazing performer, singing, dancing, even tap dancing, and only12 years old. Destined to be one of Branson's best entertainers. The high point of the show is the Elvis tribute, with all cast members, male and female, wearing Elvis costumes. Another amusing bit is the theme song for Bonanza with the men riding hobby horses. This show has been performing for over a decade and has always been a pleasure to watch. Can be found at Hamner Theater