Doug Gabriel's Number 1 Hits

Theater: Pierce Arrow Theatre

Date Reviewed: 06-02-2017

This show is exactly what the name implies. Doug and his family sing all #1 hits. The show starts with Doug in western attire complete with Stetson. His wife Cheryl is also wearing western attire as they sing their way through a variety of Country songs. Doug and his wife always seem to have many excellent costumes to wear though out the show. Their son Jordan also has excellent costumes-but of a different sort. He is the comedian of the show. His specialty, for which he won an award last year, is physical comedy. He falls, bumps into things and generally does whatever ir takes to make people laugh.

They have a great band and their son Josh who won "The Best Drummer for 2016," plus other talented and well known musicians. Daughter Jasmine also sings and dances in the show.