Clay Cooper's Country Express

Theater: Clay Cooper Theatre

Date Reviewed: 05-07-2017

Clay starts the show getting to know his guests, talking to them and asking questions.  In no time the audience  is laughing. The show turns into a very fast pace with many things going on....Whip cracking, roping and a great comedian/musician. Although some of his instruments are a bit unconventional.

Clay sings with his great voice. This show won Best Show, Best Patriotic Tribute, and Best Dance Troupe in 2016. With Tina cooper running the dance troupe they will likely win again in 2017.

The show also features the angelic voice of Kari Garrison. The second half of the show features an interpretive dance routine by Nathan Applegate and Jennifer Turner set to the music of Thunder Rolls. Ms. Turner won Best Female Dancer award in 2016 for her performance in this song. An amazing show at Clay Cooper Theatre.